Getting ready for my Churchill Fellowship!


So much to do – so little time! 

I am delighted to be the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship for 2017/18, which will now take me to Europe and UK to develop artwork/fabric design, from European botanical collections of French expeditions to Tasmania. I will be studying in Museums and Herbaria, gardens and fabric houses.

This project has cross-cultural relevance, examining interplay between art and science, and the significant unexplored botanical legacy of the d’Entrecasteaux expedition in particular.

I am pivoting my entire collection of botanical specimen and etchings onto fabric. Silks, Chiffon, Cotton and Linens at present. As well as producing new samples to bring with me. All this work is linked into Tasmania’s rich botanical historical record and will serve as a means of deepening our cross cultural connections between Tasmania, France, Italy and the UK.

This has been a long held dream of mine, winning the Churchill Fellowship – striving for excellence in my arts practice, advocating for the plants of wild Tasmania along with the rich links to the early European botanical historical records. My project aims to develop artwork/fabric design from European botanical collections of French expeditions to Tasmania.

Many thanks to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, and to the many people who helped me in my path here. I look forward to bringing back and sharing the results of my study and also the partnerships and creative collaborations that will ensue. This is a life changing opportunity for me, I am so proud and grateful for the chance to step-up into an international sphere and bring home a new body of work for Australia.

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