Arts Residency film -Black Swan beach, Recherche Bay 1.2018

Here is a little film made by Joe Shemesh ( ), during my Arts Residency on the N E Peninsula of Recherche Bay in Jan 2018.  A week in the wild, immersed in the landscape so relevant to my artwork and the layers of history revealed. The D’Entrecasteaux Scientific expedition visited Recherche Bay twice in 1792 and 1793, making what is now an important collection of botany, ethnographic material, Geo-magnetism, map making and knowledge.

We were there 225 years to the very day in which French naturalist JJH Labillardiere and crew were making their historically significant collections. I visited the ‘French Garden’, walked the land now managed for conservation values so well by the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, kayaked on the Black Swan Lagoon and worked on mono prints. With gratitude to the Leprena Trust for providing such a fabulous and ethical, low footprint on this land.

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