Gallery of images from the Exhibition and Film Screening of ‘The Sartorial Naturalist’ – Hobart, 19-22 June 2021

The ‘Sartorial Naturalist’ exhibition and film screening is now extended, during Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th June, 9am-5pm at level 9, 65 Murray St Hobart. Tasmania.
The reception for my new work and the desire for people to see the film before we take it away on the international film festival circuit has been overwhelming.
I am giving people a chance to see this exhibition of new fabric design and the 12 min ‘Sartorial Naturalist’ film over this coming weekend.
So if you missed out or if you want to bring some friends, please come up to level 9, 65 Murray St between 9am -5 pm during Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th June.
I look forward to showing my artwork and immersing you in this extraordinary multi modal collaborative film experience of Tasmanian Flora, palawa dance and language expression, original soundtrack with local composer and musicians, underwater dance, costume and gorgeous silks!
Thank you, Deborah Wace.
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