Journey Sponsors, Partners & Supporters

I am grateful for these many channels of formal and personal support.


Deborah WACE is assisted through Arts Tasmania.

New Work for New Markets grant (2021-22) to facilitate new Tasmanian botanical fabric designs for international licensing and marketing, including development of this website.

Export Market Development grant (2021-2023) to undertake promotional activities for the purposes of marketing an eligible product in a foreign country.

Australia Council for the Arts Project grant (2021) for The Sartorial Naturalist film and exhibition.

Arts and Screen Digital Production Fund (2020) for assistance with The Sartorial Naturalist film project.

Bellendena Small Grants Scheme for assistance with The Sartorial Naturalist project.

Churchill Fellowship (2017) travel across UK, France and Italy to develop artwork/fabric design from European botanical collections of French expeditions to Tasmania.

Recherche Bay Arts Residency (2015) hosted by Jason Whitehead and Fiona Taylor, culminating in 5 days on the North East Peninsula of Recherche Bay, far south Tasmania.

Nina Crone Writing Fund (2021) to produce a researched article published in Australian Garden History Journal, April 2022.

The Sartorial Naturalist expanded film credits

This film was made possible by generous funding through the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Tasmania & Screen Tasmania.


Thanks to the many people who assisted me as part of The Sartorial Naturalist crew:

Production – Lara Van Raay, Courtney Collins, Michael Gissing

Camera & Lighting – Michael Gissing, Fraser Johnston, Takani Clark, Troy Melville, Rebecca Thompson, Finn Clarke

Dancers – Felicity Bott, Sinsa Mansell, Isobel Fraser

Costumes and sewing – Celyna Ziolkowski, Nicole Ottrey, Geraldine Atapathu, Najibeh Jafari

Divers – Dane Jones, Rob Bloomfield, Ben Rae, Eamonn Ganley, David Page, Brent Cashion, Nick Boucher

Catering – Maura Chamberlain, Ian Salisbury, Reuben Fraser, Ivano del Pio, Kate Kelly, Iona Johnson

Pre-production assistance – Roger Scholes, Anna Cadden, Lucy Wilson, Diana Michalek, Julie Martin, Adam Christ, Nicole Lazaroff

Graphic Design – Nelson Grubb, Georgie Pajak

Recording/mixing – Michael Gissing

Musical score composition – Elicia Casey-Winter 

Musicians – cello played by Georgia Shine, clarinet and saxophone played by Oyinbra Enisuoh; with improvisation by both. Vocals by Deborah Wace and bowed piano by Elicia Casey-Winter; vocals sung in palawa kani by Sinsa Mansell.

A special thanks to Deidree McMaster.


Amy Brown – fashion & product photography

Michael Gissing – cinematography, post-production & sound recording

Kath Melbourne – grant funding assistance

Angela Pelizzari – creative direction, branding & styling

Oliver Strickland – business advice

Lara van Raay – production & direction, grant assistance


Along my journey I have been assisted by many people who have been incredibly giving of their time, talent, knowledge and support. I am, and always will be, eternally grateful.

Yoav bar Ness, Tasmanian Geographic

Robyn Lewis, Milford Forest Tasmania

Joe Shemesh, cinematographer

There have been so many wonderful people who have helped over the years. If you don’t see your name on this list, please feel free to send me an email so you can be acknowledged.

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