Scarf: Bearded Lichen – 337mm x 1417mm

This rectangular silk satin scarf features the exquisite moonlit cryptic lichen and fungi detail – presented as mono-prints – from pressed Tasmanian rainforest specimens.


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Product Description

These Pseudocyphellaria billardierei and Usnea filipendula (Bearded Lichen) are pressed and then printed to illustrate some of the depth of interconnection amongst species, which we often miss. Lichens are a symbiosis of two or three fungi and an algae. Lichens can be used as a bio-indicator as it prefers to only grow in those regions where the air is clean, and of high quality. Lichens have been used in medicine, dying for textiles, cosmetics and fire starting.

  • Pseudocyphellaria billardierei
  • Usnea filipendula

“I’m not sure if this is an algae that found a home in a fungi, or a fungi that has enslaved an algae. But if I had to take a guess, I’d say it’s the fungus that’s the one in charge.” Tasmanian Geographic magazine