Limited Edition Digital Print: The Academic’s Dilemma – 520mm × 620mm

Limited edition of 20. This is a conceptual depiction of dragonflies morphing into paperclips, and the Caladenia atrata orchid, symbolising the legacy of my father, botanist Dr Nigel Wace. Digital print from composite lithograph and drypoint.


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This is a composite artwork of a metal plate lithograph of dragonflies, morphing into paperclips. I created this for my father, Dr Nigel Wace in the mid 1980s, when he had to become Head of Department at Biogeography & Geomorphology, ANU. He really wanted to be out in the field researching botany. 20 years later, he was dying from cancer and I joined the paper to the stem of my drypoint etching of the orchid, Caladenia atrata, to illustrate how his work had flowered in my mind. He was delighted with this and this piece holds a special place in my heart.

  • Caladenia atrata



Digital print onto archival Cotton Rag 310gsm paper, unmounted. Mailed in a sturdy cardboard tube.

Paper size: 520mm wide x 620mm tall

Image size: 450mm wide x 550mm tall

Limited edition of 20

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About Deborah Wace - botanical artist Hobart, Tasmania

Deborah Wace is a botanical artist, fabric designer and professional printmaker from Tasmania. Through her highly detailed and intimate artwork she creates a window into the botany of Tasmania’s wild and often endangered plant communities including native orchids, rainforest, buttongrass and marine plants.

Deborah’s inspiration for her range is drawn from her extensive, private plant specimen collection, gathered and digitised over 30 years. She combines digital plant images with dry point and mono-print original artwork and etchings, which she layers to create her rich, complex botanical designs on fine fabric, wallpaper and a range of architectural substrates.

She is embedding sustainable plant specimen collection, production and printing processes into her work.