Scarf: Fagus Leaf Circles on Black – 1000mm x 1000mm

This square silk satin scarf shows various golden reds of Fagus leaves in a circular motif, on a dark background with larger scale Fagus leaves in the centre. Elements of Helichrysum scorpioides (Everlasting) and Maidenhair fern are included. Deciduous and delicious.


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Product Description

Nothofagus gunnii – Common names include Tanglefoot, Deciduous Beech or Fagus. It is the only native deciduous tree in Tasmania, and the only cold climate winter-deciduous tree in Australia. The leaves of this highland delight turn gold and deep red in April/May, only in Tasmania. It is considered a paleo-endemic species to Tasmania as macrofossils have been discovered within Oligocene sediments both in Tasmania and Antarctica.

“These leaves were collected from a friend’s private Hobart garden, with permission.” Deborah Wace