Scarf: Red & Green Seaweed on Black – 1000mm x 1000mm

This square silk satin scarf features the striking natural reds, pinks and greens of Tasmanian seaweeds, which have been ‘pressed for perfection’.


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Product Description

Red seaweeds are a hugely diverse range of marine plants with the largest number of species. In Tasmanian waters alone, around 440 species exist.

  • Kingdom Plantae
  • Phylum rhodophyta.
  • Callophyllis rangiferina, Ceramium virgatum Roth, Chaetomorpha coliformis & Delisa pulchra

“These pressed specimens were collected with permission at Recherche Bay, Tasmania in 2018, following in the footsteps of French naturalist JJH Labillardiere in his 1791-3 collections.” Deborah Wace