Wallpaper: Fagus Leaf with Vases – 337mm x 1417mm

This exquisitely designed and visually striking rectangular wallpaper panel features the golden autumnal colours of Fagus leaves in a circular motif, on a white background. Within the circles are vases made from Blandfordia punicea flowers, holding various Tasmanian orchids together with smaller plants, ferns and mosses from the Buttongrass plains of Tasmania.


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Product Description

Common names include Tanglefoot, Deciduous Beech or Fagus. It is the only native deciduous tree in Tasmania and the only cold climate winter-deciduous tree in Australia. The leaves of this highland delight turn gold and deep red in April/May, only in Tasmania. It is considered a paleoendemic species to Tasmania as macrofossils have been discovered within Oligocene sediments both in Tasmania and Antarctica.

  • Kingdom Plantae
  • Nothofagus gunnii

“These leaves were collected from a private Hobart garden with permission.” Deborah Wace

These panels are produced on PhotoTex substrate, the original peel-and-stick polyester fabric material. No framing required! Easily relocatable. Adhesive backing can be applied directly to wall, or onto Perspex, a glass divider or window pane. No damage to surfaces. Best installed on smooth surface such as plasterboard or glass. Opaque backing to block the light or underneath paint colour. Mailed in a sturdy cardboard tube complete with installation instructions.