Wallpaper: Large Tongue Orchid – 1000mm × 1000mm

This exquisitely designed and visually striking square wallpaper panel features the Large Tongue Orchid, Cryptostylis subulata depicted as a drypoint etching on a field of monoprinted lichen and rocks.


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Product Description

This beautiful native orchid was collected from Recherche Bay, Tasmania in 1792. This collection of type specimens is attributed to the French naturalist J.J.H. Labillardiere, but there is reason to think that it was actually collected by Felix de Lahaye. Lahaye was the gardener aboard the d’Entrecasteaux Expedition, who created the French Garden at Recherche Bay, and went on to be Chief Gardener in charge of exotic and rare plants for Emperor Napoleon and Empress Josephine at their Paris estate Château de Malmaison. You can find this luscious orchid in buttongrass moorland, damp woodlands and peaty sand soils.
  • Cryptostylis subulata


These panels are produced on PhotoTex substrate, the original peel-and-stick polyester fabric material. No framing required! Easily relocatable. Adhesive backing can be applied directly to wall, or onto Perspex, a glass divider or window pane. No damage to surfaces. Best installed on smooth surface such as plasterboard or glass. Opaque backing to block the light or underneath paint colour. Mailed in a sturdy cardboard tube complete with installation instructions.