‘Fabric of Botany’ 28min film to view.

 ‘Fabric of Botany’, a short film of broadcast quality, documenting myself- botanical artist and fabric designer Deborah Wace, my Arts Residency on the N.E.Peninsula of Recherche Bay, Tasmania. and my 2017/18 Churchill Fellowship to study the early French botanical historical collections from Tasmania, held in herbaria in Europe. This research has enabled me to create a new body of artwork for fabric.

My presentation reveals visually rich cultural/historical material and selections of interviews, relevant to Australia’s botanical history, early French exploration and cross-cultural relationships.

Using art and music to help protect our cultural/historical landscape is the theme of my paper at the World Museum in Liverpool. The protection of and advocacy for threatened wild places and plants form the foundation and inspiration for my Churchill Fellowship and the body of artwork for fabric which I am creating.

During my recent (2018) Churchill Fellowship study, I was given access to the botanical specimens and print collections located in Paris, Florence, and Kew herbarium, from the D’Entrecasteaux and Baudin expeditions to Tasmania.

 Developing original contemporary cultural motifs for art and fabric design from my studies is my ongoing project.
The gardens, architecture, interviews and museum exhibitions all made this journey a fascinating experience, captured by Tasmanian Filmmaker, Joe Shemesh, who accompanied me to document this work and then created this film.
Come and see a selection from my travels and Churchill Fellowship journey, and the Tasmanian context from which my artwork grows in this 28 minute film- FABRIC OF BOTANY by Joe Shemesh.

Click here to watch:

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