FortySouth: The artist and the ancient

Explore the scientifically remarkable Lomatia tasmanica which features extensively in my work, through this piece written by Rayne Allinson (published in FortySouth magazine, January 2021).


Lomatia tasmanica, common-name King’s lomatia, or King’s holly, in honour of its discoverer, is a living relic of a prehistoric past. Like the Wollemi Pine in NSW, L. tasmanica is protected by an Act of Parliament and its precise location kept an official secret to protect it from fungal contamination and unscrupulous plant hunters. Hygiene practices are also in place to mitigate chances of Phytopthera root fungus which could eradicate this lone plant community through careless introduction. There are thought to be only 500 plant stems clustered around 1.2 kilometres of rainforest gully, meaning one catastrophic bushfire could eradicate it forever.


Read the full article below, also available on the FortySouth website. Many thanks to Rayne and FortySouth Tasmania.

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