Gardening Australia TV interview

Gardening Australia produced a feature around my story, aired to television on 3rd June 2022. During the ‘My Garden Path’ segment, I spoke about my highly detailed and intimate artwork through which I create a window into the botany of Tasmanian’s wild and often endangered plant communities: native orchids, rainforest, buttongrass, marine plants and more.


‘I really enjoyed the form [of plants], and then learning about the function of plants, but certainly it was an artistic endeavour before it became linked to a scientific endeavour… Now I really like to bring the both of them together.’


Watch here at ABC ‘My Garden Path’ – Deborah Wace, where you can also read a summary transcript.


This Gardening Australia segment is a direct result of my Churchill Fellowship journey. My journey continues as I launch my botanical art to the international luxury market for homewares and fine fabrics. I aim to capture people’s attention with Tasmanian endangered flora and early French historical-cultural collections.


I really appreciate the excellent work of the ABC team, in widening my profile and enabling my desire for an educative outcome from all of my botanical artwork and fabric designs. The support I’ve received through this segment, from across Australia, is incredible.


The ABC crew filmed me over two days in July 2021 in my studio, and while out in the field drawing orchids. They were so thorough and a pleasure to work with, brilliantly weaving this story into seven minutes.


The segment included footage shot by Joe Shemesh from my film ‘Fabric of Botany’, filmed at Recherche Bay and in Europe on my Churchill Fellowship, looking at the Kew and Webb Herbarium collections.


There was some delicious footage from my ’The Sartorial Naturalist’ short film with underwater footage shot by Fraser Johnston and more by Michael Gissing. Michael Gissing has won a gold award from the Australian Cinematographers Society for his work on this film.


I am also grateful for assistance for ‘The Sartorial Naturalist’ film through the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Tasmania & Screen Tasmania.




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