The ‘Sartorial Naturalist’ film & fabrics

The fabric and wallpaper designs filmed for ‘The Sartorial Naturalist’ were inspired by the flora of Tasmania and the herbarium collections which I researched in Europe during my Churchill Fellowship in 2018.


My ‘Sartorial Naturalist’ project was filmed in April and May 2021. It enabled the filming of the underwater interplay of three dancers with swathes of fabric printed with my designs of wild and endangered Tasmanian flora. The film also weaves footage of me collecting and pressing plants in our fabulous wild landscape, whilst dreaming up the final fabric designs.


Art mirroring my life!


I use this film and film stills to showcase Tasmania’s unique and precious flora, and to create pathways to an international market; enabling me to develop licensing opportunities/arrangements and to develop industry partnerships for print production and product placement.


I’m all about advocating for Tasmania’s wild and endangered flora and the stories which accompany them.


Deborah Wace

16 new designs on Silk Satin, for the ‘Sartorial Naturalist’ Collection.

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