FLOW Exhibition

My work will be on display as part of FLOW – a collaborative exhibition featuring ten Huon Valley and Launceston artists, presented by Huon Valley Council in conjunction with the City of Launceston and Sawtooth ARI. I invite you to click here to view the virtual gallery. FLOW will be shown at the following locations on these dates:

Sawtooth ARI
58 Lindsay Street, Invermay
5th August – 1st October 2022


ARTBOX Civic Square
Civic Square, Launceston
30th August – 27th September 2022


Huon Valley Hub
23 Main Street, Huonville
30th August – 28th September 2022


This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

My Artist's Statement

My arts practice is a constant search for, and immersion in, ‘flow’ through art, fabric, and song. I find when I am in the creative state, a deep and nourishing mental space opens where I am full of contemplation, wholly engaged with the task at hand. A productive sense of wellbeing and intensity holds me, and I am caught in the flow of the creative moment. I am extremely grateful for this access into timeless moments, through my plant study in the wild and my studio printmaking and microscope drawing explorations.


As an activist/artist my artwork and fabric design are driven by my desire to educate about Tasmania’s biodiversity, rich environmental values, unique and threatened species, and its botanical history. I advocate for protection of Tasmania’s wild and endangered flora and telling of the stories which accompany them. lutruwita is the landscape that supports my art.


When out walking, I tune my eye for the plant that I am studying, scanning, choosing.


Suddenly another form catches my eye and I look down and through layer on layer of diversity to the ferns and orchids a few inches high. Macro to micro is a deeply fulfilling and mesmerising ‘flow’ zone.

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